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From financial services and supply chain to invoicing and project management, NetSuite ERP gives businesses the tools they need to accelerate growth and drive innovation.

Benefit from the advantages of a 100% Cloud solution offering all the necessary functionalities to evolve internationally, and cover the specific expectations of many sectors.

100% Up and Go

NetSuite provides comprehensive ERP functionality as standard. The implementation is fast and you benefit as quickly as possible from the power of the solution to structure the management of your activities.


From sales order to manufacturing order processing, routing and scheduling, order fulfillment, and product costing, NetSuite's production module provides real-time visibility into every step of the process. Bring your products to market quickly while optimizing your costs

Project Management

NetSuite is particularly well suited for professional services companies. The project management module allows managers and team members to collaborate simply while giving real-time visibility on the progress of the project. It ensures time management and optimization of resource allocation.


Your invoicing system is complex and you are looking for more automation. NetSuite supports billing for products and services no matter what model you're working in. An agile and efficient solution, it offers unparalleled control and flexibility over invoicing and revenue management processes.


With NetSuite, a few clicks are enough to access an overview of the performance of the company, its departments and subsidiaries. Thanks to its user interface, each employee has a unique, customizable view of their key actions and the most important business data. At all levels of management, it facilitates decision-making.


NetSuite CRM gives you a 360 degree view of customers. It provides real-time insights throughout the customer lifecycle: from lead to opportunity, from order management to fulfillment and renewal management. It is such a powerful tool for your marketing actions and after-sales service.

Supply Chain

Many companies today manage a supply chain and shipments across multiple continents. NetSuite increases agility, visibility and efficiency in supply chain management, inventory control and shipments. A very complete solution to serve your customers as soon as possible

Multi-channel commerce

NetSuite offers a unique solution for developing a customer-centric approach to sales. With NetSuite, integrate your different distribution channels into a multi-channel ERP and have a single view of each customer, whether they buy on your e-commerce sites, at points of sale or via your sales network.


Used by thousands of organizations worldwide, NetSuite's financial management solution accelerates daily financial transactions and financial close. Adapted to international companies, the ERP Cloud guarantees compliance with local legislation while facilitating the consolidation of data from the various subsidiaries.

100% Cloud, what does that mean?

Many solutions call themselves Cloud. Only NetSuite was born in the Cloud and can claim 45,000 companies worldwide using the same core version. But for you, what are the advantages of a 100% Cloud solution


All NetSuite customers worldwide use the same version core. A real advantage for companies, in terms of ease of deployment but also updates.


NetSuite provides updates to its ERP software. You get semi-annual updates, at no extra cost and with minimal disruption. You always have a state-of-the-art management solution.


Based on a SaaS model, NetSuite offers you perfect control of your costs. infrastructure, license, maintenance and support are included in your annual subscription.

NetSuite, for which sectors?

The publisher offers many vertical ERP offers through its SuiteSuccess offer. Discover the professions in which CORELIA has advanced expertise.


Leader in Cloud ERP solutions for professional services organizations, NetSuite certainly meets your current expectations in terms of mobility, time tracking, project management and invoicing.


Integrate your production and commercial processes to facilitate the manufacturing process: manufacturing orders, assembly, bill of materials and replenishment according to demand...


Distribute your products on all sales channels – web, mobile, physical stores, sales network, call center – via a single platform. Focus your approach on your customers and retain them.