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Human Resources are at the heart of our development strategy, whether it’s a matter of sniffing out young talents for emerging technologies or recruiting people who are experienced and proven in their fields.

It’s also a matter of reinforcing values via the use of our brand, proposing a framework and a stimulating work environment that provides you with the best conditions in which to do your work and grow and move on in your career.

Our HR policy, at the heart of our development strategy, is based on three fundamental values:


Company performance is primarily the result of personal performance. Furthering skills is a central part of Human Resources at CORELIA.

Investing in ourselves, investing in our employees is investing in the performance of our group and this is why training is at the heart of our strategy and why our commitment to training goes beyond that which is legally required. Occupational evolution, different kinds of technology, developer and manufacturer certifications, seminars, internal workshops and unsupervised learning are all tools that we have made available to our employees.

Innovation is not a buzz word for all to see, but rather the powerful drive behind our strategy. It is what everyone has to add to the collective methods and processes. It is the guarantee of a stream of rich and varied projects that are at the cutting edge of technology.


We live in a world that is always changing because disruptive technology appears faster and faster and because technology is vast and has an ever greater impact on professions we are convinced that, more than ever, team cohesion, the pool of skills - collective intelligence in short - is greater, stronger and holds more potential than any one person's intelligence.

Matching skills, collective intelligence and disruptive technology is the heart of, and drive behind, our strategy and our know-how. It’s in our DNA, we give our clients a new way to operate.

Our matrix-based organization promotes short decision-making decisions, good communication and ensures proximity. Cross-sector working groups and expert communities provide for rich discussions and thus decompartmentalise knowledge.


Client satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do. We are convinced that this satisfaction is the result of every single thing we do upstream to ensure that the client's goals are met.

This is why we are committed, day in, day out, to this excellence and have it audited so that we comply with the very high and demanding requirements of the standards and certifications that we have been awarded.

We are also convinced that it also comes from our ability to encourage innovative solutions. This is not innovation for the sake of innovation but rather some proactive effort to create value in our client’s professions, even in those areas in which they have not yet dreamt of it.